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Best Animation And VFX Institute in Kolkata

When the world is progressing at tremendous growth, we must consider this mission in our daily life. Especially, in educational and professional learning, we should adapt to these conditions as well.

Educarezen is known for its global online degree and diploma courses in animation, VFX, and multimedia. by which people will avail themselves of the benefits at minimum cost. Educarezen is the best animation and VFX institute in Kolkata.

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The Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Multimedia Animation and VFX is a three-year course that includes advanced graphics design, 3d displaying, and animation technologies. The course curriculum also includes creative and video editing skills. The B.Voc in animation and VFX design is a career-focused degree that trains students in every aspect of film production and visual effects. The curriculum includes 3d modeling, digital sculpting, character animation, and rotoscoping.

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As the course lasts 28 months, it will give a detailed learning of digital images and the different types of designing and editing tools available for the cinema field. It not only explains digital concepts but also gives an overall view of the cameras and the lenses techniques, to be used with different shadings of colors, according to the background or the script, for that a short film or for ad commercials.

After completing of this course, one of the biggest advantages for you will be to become a personal animator of your choice. You would have excelled yourself, indifferent visual aspects of the world.

Our Diploma in VFX program is designed to equip students with the technical and creative skills needed to excel in the field of visual effects. With a focus on hands-on learning and access to the latest software and equipment, our students graduate with the knowledge and confidence to pursue careers in the film, television, and gaming industries.

The game designing and game model course is one of the most exciting and important courses because of the continuous development of new games for kids. And it almost attracts many age groups. This course teaches you the art of applying design and aesthetics to create a new game.

This course entirely concentrates on web development and gives an overall view of graphic designing. As the duration of the system is a 15-month tenure, it gives you general knowledge of graphics management. It also helps to develop web tools, graphics, and web designing from the basics and fundamental aspects, with hyperlinks, and from the beginning till the end of a project, this course can be of good help.

This course is offered to you for a duration of 6 months and the main software that is being concentrated on in this course would be Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Vinci Resolve. This course teaches you to edit the tool for which the video is being made.

This six-month course on digital filmmaking and video production which is segregated in to 4 terms helps you in learning an intensive program that is required a student to make short films or projects and earn them a certificate along with the knowledge, whereby each term concentrates on a specific element and enhance your skills.